HAMYARAVAL Corporatopn is a knowledge-based, medical-commercial company that operates in all areas of production, equipping and manufacturing hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other kinds of medical centers by EPCM approach. This method constitute a collaboration of engineering, procurement, construction and management of such projects from A to Z. We do have the required science, equipment and laboratories to carry out such projects and this allows our specialists to design, supply and manufacture health centers for various medical purposes. Our firm has created a science faculty within the structure of the company and is honored to have scientific elites and medical professors to prepare proposals, perform researches, obtain Health Organization required approvals and ensure that the products we will be supplying at any point, is of the highest quality and meets global medical standards. Above all, given that our company is part of an enterprise holding with years of experience in various fields, we offer consultation in all above mentioned areas.

Company Mission

Our company tries to promote the technological as well as scientific level of the medical field in not only Iran but also the entire Middle East. Our ultimate goal is to introduce the most up to date medical science and technology to promote the public health along with providing a chance to open windows for scientists to explore the latest medical advances through the products that we can offer. Our firm is committed to send professional scientists to other countries to educate and bring along the latest science and technology into the country in order to use domestic human resources to contribute to the employment of specialist skilled workforce internally.

Our specialization


Every year millions of dollars worth of medical equipment and consumables are being imported to the country whereas we believe we are capable of producing many of what is being imported annually. This company utilizes its best resources to reach out to international companies with the latest science and technology and aims to produce whatsoever we lack in the region so that we can independently supply medical centers without the need for foreign imports. In this regard training courses need to be held in different countries for our specialists to be trained in the related field in order to deliver this information to the country where we can train our domestic scientists.

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